Ghassan Abulfaraj

Shri Ramdas Athawale

Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment
Government of India

Dear Industry Colleagues,

The 3rd edition of the Global Organic Expo, hosted by iCONEX Group is scheduled to be held from 26-28 May 2022 at IARI, PUSA, New Delhi

As we all know, organic food is food produced using methods that adhere to organic farming standards, and it is extremely beneficial to our health and the sustainability of the planet. As a result, given the importance of human health and environmental sustainability, the event will emphasize the importance of organic farming and organic products.

3rd Global Organic Expo 2022 would be comprised of global level conference and exhibition, with an apt theme” Profitability for Humanity”.

I look forward to your valuble support & Presence.

Ghassan Abulfaraj

Dr J P Mishra

OSD (Policy, Planning & Partnership)
Indian Council of Agriculture Research

Dear Industry Colleagues,

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to participate in the 3rd edition of the Global Organic Expo which is scheduled to be held on 26 - 28 May 2022 in IARI, PUSA, New Delhi.

The major concern for human and planet sustainability is the rise of health and pollution issues. The senescence phase appears very early in human beings, which is one of the major effects of eating food that contains highly harmful chemicals and that we can agonize over on age. At the same place our land is becoming increasingly polluted because of the widespread use of chemicals, which are destroying the fertility of our mother earth and causing a slew of dangerous diseases in the human body. Focusing on all these determinants, event will radiate a shaft of light on theme “Profitability for humanity. “This will raise awareness not only among stakeholders, but also among people who care about their health.

Whilst “Global Organic Expo 2022” offers great opportunity for showcasing your work to the world in the field of organic products. One of India’s biggest platforms for the organic industry sees excellent business deals, an outstanding climate for investment, a remarkable number of extremely promising contacts and highlevel business networking. The show is also des-nic industry & with every edition, the exhibition sets a new benchmark.

I will be delighted to welcome each of you to have very rich knowledge sharing and incredible networking experience with some leading organizations & industry experts.

I look forward to your valuable support and esteemed attendance at this major event dedicated towards this important subject.

Ghassan Abulfaraj

Ved Prakash Mahawar

President, Shespro
Former - Director (Onshore), ONGC

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is my pleasure to invite you all to join the 3rd edition of Global Organic Expo 2022 which is going to be held on 26-28 May 2022 at IARI, PUSA, New Delhi.

With ninth-largest World’s Organic Agricultural land and the largest number of producers India is fast growing in the organic food segment. India produced around 1.70 million MT (2017-18) of certified organic products which includes all varieties of food products namely Oil Seeds, Sugar cane, Cereals & Millets, Cotton, Pulses, Medicinal Plants, Tea, Fruits, Spices, Dry Fruits, Vegetables, Coffee etc. On the demand side, increasing disposable incomes, increasing awareness around health and wellness and increasing acceptability are driving the growth in the organic food segment which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10 percent during the period 2016-21.

As per the Indian Organic Sector – Vision 2025 report, India’s organic business has immense potential to reach the Rs 75,000 crore (US$ 10.73 billion) mark by 2025 from Rs 2,700 crore (US$ 386.32 million) (in 2015).

Bringing together leading voices, thought leaders, and industry experts from the across globe. Global Organic Expo will provide a unique opportunity to have in-depth, multi-disciplinary discussions about the most pressing issues in the current landscape, identify solutions, and unwrap unparalleled opportunities for growth and investment. Global Organic Expo aims to become a platform that the community can come back to year on year.

I hope you join us in our effort to create a successful event dedicated to this important subject. The Organising Committee and I look forward to meeting you at this mega event.