About Exhibition

  • More than 200 companies will be exhibiting in the Global Organic expo 2022, which is the largest in the show. Its scale reflects the vitality of the market both in India and abroad. It is the largest concentration of organic products for all sector professionals. Worldwide, the organic product market has grown nearly fourfold in the space of ten years.
  • It is worth remembering that Indian organic production is in competition with both conventional food and global organic food production. Its competitiveness therefore depends greatly on innovation, novel appropriate technologies, and scientific evidence in support of its superior qualities. Thriving and innovative organic food and farming research will be one of the most important tools for meeting these expectations and making the most of opportunities, at Global Organic Expo 2022, all organic sector experts will share the platform to discover and discuss all possible measures to make the organic industry grow beyond at the must attend conference programme.
  • The long-term effects of technology, innovation and human impacts on agro-ecological systems and socio-economic contexts are taken into consideration. The active participation of stakeholders, especially at farm level, is characterized by decentralized patterns of responsibility and decision making. There is a transparent flow of information along the food chain and effective management of knowledge, including tacit or indigenous knowledge.
  • GOE 2022 is planned to project the country’s organic potential and a platform to interact among stakeholders. In this mega event, more than 15,000 dedicated Organic Experts along with farmers, several ministers, senior Government officials, policy makers, international organisations, heads of banks and development institutions and captains of industries will participate.
  • 3rd Global Organic Expo 2022 would be comprised of global level conference and exhibition, with an apt theme “Profitability for Humanity”. Which will not only create awareness among the stakeholders but also to the people who care about their health.

Participant Profile

Manufacturing Organisation

Professional Services: Legal

Financial Services: Banking

Education of organic

Technological innovation in organics

N.G.O for Organics

Warehouse/ Storage / Cold storage

Energy production

R & D

Distribution & Market Analysis

Food Processing

Hospitality/ Tourism

Health Care & Public Health

Construction – Organics

Media Articles

Waste Disposal





Why Exhibit?

  • An excellent launch pad for new products and innovation
  • Meet your buyers face-to-face in real time with our exclusive functions
  • Raise brand awareness – Increase visibility in the marketplace
  • Strengthen existing business relationships in a face-to-face environment
  • Educate your buyers – so they can more
    effectively sell your products to the end consumer
  • Research your own marketplace and respond to emerging trends
  • Network with your peers and make new contacts
  • Demo your products in front of buyers
  • Corporate Projection and Positioning
  • Increase Export and Domestic Sales
  • New Product Launch
  • Locate Trade Partners and Commercial Agents
  • Sourcing Opportunities
  • Enhance Business & Investment
  • Creating Dealers and Distributors Network